Caracal Shooting Club

ID# 000636
Caracal Shooting Club
Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel
Abu Dhabi, AUH PO Box 94499
United Arab Emirates
+971 2 4416404 (Main Phone)
+971 2 4415230 (Mobile Phone)
12.00 - 21.30 Sat-Thursday | 14.00 - 21.30 Friday
Category  Shooting
The Caracal Shooting Club is the first commercial shooting club in Abu Dhabi. It is a technologically advanced facility which meets international standards of quality and innovation. The creation of the shooting club has considerable significance as it is intended to revive the art of shooting and marksmanship; sports that have always been traditionally linked to the Islamic Culture.
The Caracal Shooting Club sets a new standard of excellence, immersing the visitor in an unforgettable experience. All the activities of the club are conducted to the highest standards of safety and security. The secure environment and strict supervision ensures personal safety at all times.

Located at a purpose built extension of the prestigious Armed Forces Officers Club, the Caracal Shooting Club boasts a lavish 25m range along with a broad range of amenities that include a 10m simulation shooting range, an impressive gift / retail outlet and a luxury coffee shop operated by a leading franchise.

The simulation range at the Caracal Shooting Club offers the ideal environment for beginners, through the use of laser based firearms in the world's most technologically advanced recreational simulator of its kind. The 10 meter shooting range comprises of two screens Laser shot virtual system, where up to 4 people can engages one of numerous scenarios or virtual targets. The second range is adjustable from 10 up to 25 meter range with 6 lanes. A state of the art electronic targeting system that operates at 10, 15 and 25 meters has been installed. The club also provides complimentary safety awareness to first time shooters. Expertly designed training courses have been developed for shooters of all ability and competence. The training courses will be available to individuals or groups.

Visitors are able to watch shooting activities from a safe distance, while enjoying the club's amenities of indoor and outdoor lounge areas. A trendy coffee shop, would offers a comfortable and relaxed setting for visitors and members.